Walks At Ards

The sights, sounds, smells and sensations of nature that greet visitors to Ards continue to invite those who have enjoyed them to return again and again. Most of our visitors share with us the joy and delight of the walk along Isabella’s beach that leads not just to a meadow that is in the early phase of re-wilding, but to the sandy beach known as Lucky Shell. Extending beyond the small Friary Forest, Ards National forest invites those of a robust constitution to explore miles and miles of  forest-walks. On the other hand, those who like a quiet, more contemplative pace to their walking,  may be drawn to the largely unknown and unspoiled landscape that leads to Manus Lake that is often described as a touch of heaven. We are happy to have recently opened a further walk, Master John’s Marsh Trail, a natural wet woodland (reparian) habitat,  that winds its way around the turlough that few have noticed until now, and a that is found on the right hand side of the road as you leave Ards Friary.


To gain an essence of the walks around Ards Friary,  have a look at the video below.


Click on the thumbnails in the photo gallery underneath the video below to get a closer look…


Once you have enjoyed the many walks that Ards has to offer, why not pop into our Coffee Shop for some refreshments and nourishment.

Photo Gallery

As part of the designed landscape there is much parkland at Ards Friary. This is enjoyed by a huge number of visitors each year. This includes several habitats – Marsh, beach, coastal walks.