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If you like coffee the chances are that you appreciate a cappuccino which is arguably the most famous Italian beverage. One story about the origins of that cappucchino suggests the name comes from a Friar of the capuchin order (ordine dei cappuccini, in Italian): Marco da Aviano. In 1683, Marco went to Vienna. The Pope had commissioned him as adviser and Chaplin to the Austrians in their disputes with the Ottoman Empire. Br. Marco was very successful in his mission and is acknowledged as a person who was of strategic importance to the Austrians in their struggles with the Ottomans. 


It was in Vienna that Br. Marco tasted coffee for the first time, but he disliked the dark beverage; it was too strong and intense for his taste buds and he decided to add some whipped cream and sugar to make it sweeter and lighter. The drink itself reflected the appearance of the Kazuziner (Capuchin) himself: a white head with a body clothed in a light brown habit.


Capuchins have traditionally worn a beard, and in a recognition of this, there is a species of monkey called after them as well: the Capuchin Monkey.

It gives us great pleasure to contribute to the community with the great coffee and a place to build relationships.

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